About iron peacock events

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At Iron Peacock Event Management we want to make a difference. We aren't only concerned with budgets, registration numbers, room layouts and hotel banquet orders; the core of our business is people. We want to make a difference and leave a lifetime impression when people attend events. No matter what the gathering is for, people are brought together, face to face, and in today’s world, that is special; it means something. We want our clients and their audience to walk away changed and for the better.

Whether they have achieved a goal or objective, solved a problem, answered a question or maybe they are just emotionally in a better place because of the meeting we helped to create, that is why we do what we do; to make a positive difference in the lives of those around us. 


With every event, our commitment at Iron Peacock Events is this: 

To understand your event’s overall goals and provide honest collaboration, paired with open processes that you can rely on and trust. 

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Understand Goals, Stakeholders & Expectations
We start by listening…what does success look like to you? What are your biggest concerns?

Each event includes many stakeholders. You have the point of contact, the executives, the other departments, event attendees, sponsors, vendors and so many more.

By understanding how each stakeholder thinks and feels as they enter the event, we can design a journey for them that helps cultivate the difference you want to make on-site. This helps to achieve a unique satisfaction at every event we do; one where people are thinking, feeling and/or behaving in a new way. 

Budget, Build, Design & Execute For Success
Your event is executed for complete success through our project management tools and technology that leave no detail behind!

At any given moment, you can see your budget, revenue versus expenses and where each line item stands so the overall bottom line is right in front of you. Our project timelines live in the cloud to make them accessible to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you wake up for a midnight snack and wonder if that VIP transportation was changed or what the final general session room set might look like, you can see it. All tasks, due dates, owner names and anything else you may think of, are right at your fingertips at any given moment.

Over-deliver & Provide ROI
Sure, growing our client list is nice. However, our goal is to build a solid relationship that will last a lifetime because we don’t want you to consider Iron Peacock Events just your event planning supplier. We want to be your partner, a friend who helps you get to where you want to be both professionally and personally.

Plus, we like to laugh too, so expect built in humor with every event. No extra charge.

The Story of Iron Peacock Events

Iron Peacock Events is the brainchild of Sally Mainprize, SMMC, an event industry veteran with over 20+ years experience driving success for top organizations including Fortune 500 leader FedEx. Sally’s educational roots date back to her time at Missouri State University, where she was a biology major and a chemistry minor earning her Bachelor's degree in all things SCIENCE! From science she went right into marketing and dove head first! An odd combination, but one that has successfully carried Sally throughout her event marketing career. From this humble background, came the project management, data driven science part of her that has always incorporated incredible principles to her work in event marketing.

“In science you set goals and expectations for outcomes. You carefully plan and follow processes and measure the results. When things don't go as planned, you adjust..... much like strategy and project management for events.” Sally explains. 

Certified in Strategic Meetings Management, Sally’s plethora of industry experience ranges from leading event marketing initiatives for the world’s most recognizable logistics brands - The US Postal Service and FedEx. Sally’s career journey didn’t stop there, as she continued to put her knowledge and expertise into action in the corporate events arena.

Working for Fortune 500 brands in Strategy and Development roles and evolving into a Chief Operating Officer capacity, she redefined the way brands planned their corporate functions. Sally helped consistently implement and develop successful and strategic client programs ranging from small focused meetings to large scale conferences and events. 

Sally’s passion for event planning continues to drive her today. After her tenure in corporate planning, the idea to launch Iron Peacock Events was born. The Iron Peacock Event team is made up of top notch event pros that act as an extension to your team. Their network includes knowledgeable, experienced planners from all across the United States who offer the ultimate in flexibility and exponential brain power on tap. Iron Peacock Events has the ability to provide staff support locally at events, giving all their clients an extended reach no matter what their event destination.