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Corporate Event Planning: Results You Dream Of For Your Events.

Corporate event planning for radical return - that is our specialty! If you struggle to get the event logistics completed from start to finish, let alone find time to set strategic objectives to measure the event’s success, you are not alone. Most companies have that same challenge. We’re glad you’re here. We want to speak with you. We have the solution.

That’s why we formed Iron Peacock Events, to focus on the results of your event from the start, and achieve those results using a proven process. Our event planning methodology, designed over 23 years of experience, begins by determining the results you want your event to achieve. Those goals create a “true north” to guide every step in the event planning process. That focal point, like a destination on a map, keeps all decisions along the event journey moving in the direction of your goal.

And all the event details, logistics, and project management? Those should be a basic expectation for any event planning company. We think you should demand more from your events and the corporate event planning company you work with.

The Iron Peacock Events team quickly understands our goals and the unique needs of our group and then applies their knowledge and experience to deliver, while adding in extra WOW along the way - that is why they are a part of our team! We know they are by our side, have our best interest in mind and understand the end result we expect. Sometimes you find that partner that just gets it, that is Iron Peacock Events.”


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Conference Management

Nationwide Conference Management

We set your conference up for success with strategic goals and objectives that will produce results. Whether it's an educational seminar, annual sales meeting, convention, leadership retreat- we’ve got you covered! 

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Trade Show Management

nationwide Trade Show management

Put your company or organizations best foot forward! We offer nationwide trade show and exhibitor support services that take the load of tasks off your list. You can focus on the big picture while we'll flawlessly execute each detail. Let's tackle it together. 

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Special Events

Nationwide Special Events Management

Coordinate WOW at every corner of your event! Get creative with themed events from grand openings, golf tournaments to incentive programs - we’ll help you plan every detail with intention to support the message you want to drive home to your guests. Our services are available nationwide.

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Charitable Efforts


Charitable giving is important for every company. It instills community involvement and positivity in the workplace. Incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into your next event with Iron Peacock Events.

Ready to create wondrous results with streamlined organization and precision at your next event? Let’s Do This!